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TCRP Recommended Candidate: Ana Bailão: 

Boundaries: Eglinton Ave. W. to the north; Winona Dr., Ossington Ave. and Dovercourt Rd. to the east; GO rail to the south; GO rail to the west

Demographics: There are 108,473 people with an average age of 40. The average household size is 2.4 people with a median household income of $64,764. The percentage of visible minorities in the ward is 32%. [ Info Toronto Star | Sept 24]

Ward 9- Davenport

Nahum Mann:
Mann has worked on several community and protest projects, including Resist Ford. He is upset that career politicians have taken hold of Toronto, prioritizing the needs of their wealthy friends, while hard working families face a housing crisis, poor transportation, and rising unaffordability. He says that councillors must be elected who will represent the voices of our communities and fight to invest in our future: dependable transit, affordable housing, more green space, support for local businesses, and safe streets that everyone can enjoy.

Troy Young:
Young has run for office for the little known People's Political Party. He was a candidate for Toronto mayor and a seat at Queen's Park in 2014. His reward: In his run for mayor, he placed well down the list among competitions, garnering 0.04% of the vote. In his provincial run in Davenport, he finished last with 99 votes.

There was no information on:
Mark Balack

Bailão's centerist views offer important balance to City Hall

Ana Bailão emerged on the political scene as a protégé to the three-time Liberal MP for Davenport, Mario Silva. She was awarded a Council seat in 2010 following a consecutive re-election win in 2014. Bailão received much praise for her work chairing Toronto’s Affordable Housing Committee as well as her work expanding transit in the ward. Born in Portugal, Bailão is very popular within Toronto's Portuguese community, nearly one-fourth of whom reside in the Davenport Ward. 

Far from being a household name, Bailão is a quiet operator in municipal politics. Often appearing more diplomatic and conciliatory to the John Tory establishment compared to her downtown cohorts. Bailão sat on the Mayor’s Executive Committee and was awarded the position of Deputy Mayor of Toronto and East York in turn. 

First elected in 2010, Bailão has drawn praise for her advocacy on local issues such as Davenport transit expansion, as well as her work chairing the city’s Affordable Housing Committee. She is a trusted lieutenant of Mayor John Tory, serving on his Executive Committee, and was designated Deputy Mayor for Toronto and East York. Bailão is co-chair of the Close the Housing Gap project. She has been working closely with Toronto Community Housing and the City, but she says there is still a housing gap which can only be closed through new and ongoing funding from Ottawa and Queen’s Park, and that raising property taxes is not the answer. The Toronto and York Region Labour Council endorses Bailão for her work in support of affordable housing and working people.

Boards and Committees: Deputy Mayor, South; Toronto and East York Community Council; Affordable Housing Committee, Chair and Mayor’s Designate; Executive Committee, at large Member; Nominating Panel – McCormick and Bill Bolton Arena; Planning and Growth Management; Striking Committee; Artscape Toronto; CreateTO; Housing Services Corporation; McCormick Playground Arena Board; Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board of Directors; Toronto Financial Services Alliance, as the Mayor’s designate.

Voting Record 2014 - 2018: Bailão voted in favour of keeping bike lanes on Bloor; in favour of considering child care space reductions; in favour of a long-term financial plan for the city; in favour of the Scarborough subway extension; in favour considering budget cuts that would impact quality of life for Toronto Community Housing Corporation residents; in favour of exploring the feasibility of a Toronto sales tax; against adding 1,000 new beds in the 2018 Shelter Infrastructure Plan; against full funding for TransformTO, the city's long-term climate action plan; against naming a stadium after Rob Ford.

2014 electoral results: 1st runner-up Alex Maraz got 91% of Bailão's vote count.


Bailão’s voting record reflects a rare centrist view in Council. She supported bike lanes on Bloor Street, favoured exploring the notion of a municipal sales tax but displayed more fiscal prudence than most downtown councillors in moving towards a long-term financial plan for the city including budget cuts impacting the Toronto Housing Corporation. 

In the run-off for Davenport, the ward is firmly in Bailao’s grasp. Only two registered to challenge the incumbent making Bailao’s third term in Council all but assured, particularly with the withdrawal of long-time incumbent and Doug Ford supporter Cesar Palacio. 

Bailão is a TCRP recommended candidate based on her veteran experience at City Hall and less on her progressive credentials. A 25-Ward system poses a series of challenges to the downtown bloc that makes political stability and policy continuity high priorities. 

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