We Can Help You  Decide Who To Vote For! 

    Wouldn’t it be convenient to know which candidates in your Ward had a progressive approach and which of those had the best chance of winning? It sure would help you to make your voting decision. We are part of huge cross-city campaigns to elect progressive councillors who will bring us better government. 

    Our volunteer group has researched candidate in every ward, and selected a progressive to recommend in several wards – if 14 of them win, they will have control of City Hall. With a solid progressive foundation, council will start building the much-needed transit system, provide more money for poverty reduction and put the city’s out-of-control developers in their place. 

    In particular, we believe it is well past time for some very long serving Councillors to be replaced, including Mark Grimes, Frances Nunziata and the notorious Georgio Mammoliti. If these three are defeated, it will go a long way to electing a more progressive council. There’s a strong chance council will operate with the true interest of the public at heart.

    We believe forward-looking incumbents will win at least nine wards, but we still need your support to campaign for them and make sure.  

    To help four others get elected who may have a little more difficulty, TCRP has created a task force providing social media and on-the-ground assistance to them. We are linking up with local candidate supporters in these wards. In particular, we want to encourage people who have ignored city politics in the past to get out and vote.

    Our enthusiastic volunteer group is quite remarkable. We have done extensive research in order to support the recommendation of candidates. We also have detailed information on candidates in almost every ward that is accessible to the general public.

    If you would like to join our volunteer team please click here . . . .  

    Activities may include:

    • Volunteering in selected wards to help new and exciting candidates get elected
    • Helping our social media team spread the word about TCRP on Facebook, Twitter  and through email


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